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burgandysky's Journal

80's, alice munro, ani difranco, ayn rand, back packing, bags, baking, balboa park, barrel rolls, baths, beds, being random, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, billie holiday, blues, boats, body rolls, bookbinding, books, brownies, bubbles, buster keaton, candles, candy, canon, charlie chaplin, cheese, chipotle, christianity, classic rock, concerts, contact paper, cooking, cows, david bowie, destiny, discrete trial, dungeons and dragons, eating, eddie izzard, elan 7e, elegance, elliott smith, enfp, eyes, ferro rocher, fireplaces, fish, flight of the conchords, funky grammar, funny sounds, ghetto swing, giggle-fests, glam rock, goddess pouches, grape flavored jolly ranchers, hiking, houses of the holy, hugs, humility, imagination, in and out, interesting people, iv, jarvis cocker, jewelry making, joe strummer, kisses, knitting, knots, laziness, link, literature, living in foreign countries, london, love, massages, monkeys, mountain biking, myers briggs, naps, neverwinter nights, new york, nose rings, nostalgia, of montreal, organizing, paris, paul westerburg, photography, piano music, picture frames, planes, poor grammar, procrastinating, pulp, purses, rearview mirrors, retro, rice, romance, san diego, san francisco, sarcasm, scarves, school supplies, scrapbooking, sea wolf, sleep, slr photography, smiles, snuggling, soap making, spam, spanish, special education, stars, swing dancing, tattoos, tc boyle, temple grandin, thai-food, the habit, the replacements, the sims, the starlighters, tim curry, trains, trashy lingerie, tribal drums, true love, tummys, tupperware, up-all-night!, vintage clothes, vonnegut, washboard sam, west coast swing, white water rafting, wilco, yoga, zelda