Diana (burgandysky) wrote,

life is unpredictable

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster. For me, when life takes its toll, my optimism is renewed by the little things.

On November 5th, my good friend and boss gave birth. Here is Baby O.

First, here's his foot:

The beach is this way, ladies!

This isn't as fun as it looks.

Guess I should try to enjoy it.

That was hard work!

Tuckered out.

But, life is good.

And it really is...
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oh my god, cuteness overload! how is he? he looks amazing :)
:D Yeah, he was pretty precious. I only met him once, but so super cute. What are you up to today? Want to meet for brunch?
i have to get ready to go to work and pack because i'm going to be staying over at my mom's to watch Midge while she's in S.B. with my grandma. if my schedule this weekend doesn't change i'm off work tomorrow at 4. if you're not working maybe we can connect for dinner or a movie? let me know ♥
Ok. I'll let you know what my schedule is. :) Give midgey some extra lovin' for me.
haha, will do. i'll talk to you soon ♥